NMEA2000 (N2K) Simulation

Working in conjunction with the US Coast Guard and Raymarine, BCG now offers the capability to generate NMEA2000 (IEC 61162-1) PGNs as part of our simulator product line. This add-on software module, called N2Ktranslator, operates with BCG’s Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST) to generate a wide range of ship sensor data utilizing the NMEA2000 data format and interface standard.

NMEA2000 (N2K) is a plug-and-play communications standard used for connecting marine sensors and display units within ships and boats. Utilizing a CAN Bus backbone connection, BCG’s simulation software will deliver N2K PGNs over an Actisense NGT-1-USB gateway converter that correlate with a vessel’s sensor activity in a simulation scenario being run by MaST. BCG has implemented 30 of the most commonly used messages related to ship navigation, including AIS and DSC messages, and we will continue to grow this PGN capability over time. Contact BCG for a list of currently supported PGNs.

This N2KTranslator application can also display, filter on, and log NMEA2000 PGNs generated by other devices. By operating as a N2K source and receiver, the application can act as a test platform for sensor, radar and ECS manufacturers.

N2KTranslator Operator Window

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