Student Response Unit

The Student Response Unit (SRU) is a teaching aid developed by Buffalo Computer Graphics as part of our Radar Simulator product line. The SRU integrates a series of Question & Answer Sets into a simulated navigation exercise. With the SRU option, the instructor creates a training exercise to include Questions Sets relevant to the training to be performed. The student is prompted to answer these questions at a specific time or event within the exercise.

Student Response Unit
Question Sample from the Student Response Unit

Prior to training, the instructor creates a training exercise and builds one or more Question Sets which are recorded within the scenario file. The questions will be played back with the scenario each time it is run. Part of the added functionality may include preliminary Briefing Text which is used to make the student aware of the exercise about to be run, as well as the intent of the training mission. The student's responses to the questions are stored remotely at the Instructor GUI, to be later evaluated by the instructor. Initially, the student is prompted to Log-In, which becomes an identifier for the question sets they are about to answer. Once the student has logged in, the Briefing Text is presented, followed by the training scenario. As the scenario begins the student is presented with a status window providing Ownship and scenario information. When the scenario time is reached for question presentation, the SRU screen will display a new window with instructor created question(s). The student answers the questions and the scenario continues. This process may repeat itself for up to four (4) sets of instructor questions.

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