Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking is specifically designed to track deployed resources/assets and can be added to any DLAN system. Asset Tracking provides a way for users to track deployed assets and resources for a particular incident and quickly view the status, quantity, and location of all deployed assets in an Asset Ledger page.

The asset tracking reporting engine allows for asset reports to be created and saved for use in current and future incidents.  Reports can be made based on serial number, asset type, provider, status, location, region, contract type, and other asset related information.  Once an asset report is created, it can be immediately leveraged as new layers on DLAN maps (using GIS Premium), allowing users to easily create map reports that visualize a geographic view of that asset report.  User created tabular and map reports can then be incorporated in dashboards, landing pages, and boards using new Status Board Asset Module Subscriptions. 

Additionally, solutions with the GIS Premium can view the location of assets and personnel using a number of DLAN supported asset tracker devices in real time on the GIS map. For more information on supported devices please contact your BCG representative.

Asset Tracking Map