Implement FEMA’s National Qualification System with DLAN

Select the Right Personnel for Disaster Responses

FEMA developed the National Qualification System (NQS) to help agencies select properly trained, experienced, and credentialed personnel to deploy in response to a disaster or mutual-aid request. The guidelines create a common set of criteria for each job position, ensuring consistency across jurisdictions for qualifying, certifying and credentialing personnel. Starting in 2022, FEMA plans to make implementation of the NQS a requirement for Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) funding.

Integrating NQS with DLAN Software

DLAN incorporates tools and capabilities specifically crafted to support FEMA's National Qualification System and make it easy for you to request aid in your responses. DLAN lets users track special skills and training records, certification and expiration dates, and even supports attaching documents such as training certificates, licenses, or other proof of qualification level to personnel records. 

DLAN Credentialing
DLAN Credentialing

DLAN’s Phonebook includes robust reporting options to quickly locate and deploy individuals with specific required skills, experience, and/or trainings. Additionally, the deployment and tracking of pre-configured teams is also easily managed through DLAN. Both personnel and team deployment records can now be added to the Asset Tracking Module with a simple mouse click.

Phonebook also includes the ability to filter records by specific trainings and/or skills, and the ability to filter records by the completion and/or expiration dates of a training class. Additionally, the completion and expiration times for a training record can now be included as columns in reports. With these options reports can be created including staff with specific skills/trainings, staff without specific skills/trainings, and staff with trainings completed/expired in a certain time frame. These features help you identify staff that meet qualification requirements and ensure that trainings and certifications remain up to date.

BCG has also added FEMA-issued documentation for NQS to the Reference Library for quick access. NQS Position Task Books and Job Titles and Position Qualifications are included, along with other important FEMA documents.

Together these tools will help your team implement and maintain NQS while ensuring compliance for grant funding purposes.