Unbeatable Incident Management Software for Canada

DisasterLAN (DLAN) has been utilized in Canada since its early years, including for local cross-border exercises between New York and Ontario. Offered by Buffalo Computer Graphics headquartered just across the Canadian border in Western New York, the incident management solution understands the needs many organizations have.

Features of Our Incident Management System

DLAN provides emergency managers with the specialized tools they need to easily, efficiently, and securely:

  • Share Critical Information
  • Collaborate on Tasks & Missions
  • Visualize Situational Awareness
  • Manage Assets & Personnel
  • Analyze & Report on Data

DLAN aligns with Canadian emergency management protocols, specifically Incident Command System (ICS) Canada and Ontario’s Incident Management System (IMS).

Partnering with Canadian Experts

BCG has partnered with a dedicated Canadian Subject Matter Expert, FutureShield Inc., to bring DLAN to the Canadian marketplace. FutureShield’s Founder and President, Cynthia Weeden, has over 30 years of recognized experience in strategic leadership roles. Cynthia offers her expertise to assist the leaders in Canadian emergency management, including critical infrastructure and government organizations, as they work to integrate innovative technology into their daily operations. In 2021 Cynthia was selected by Women’s Executive Network, as one of Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 2021 Award Winners in the category of BMO Entrepreneurs.

Learn why DLAN is the Best Choice for Canadian Emergency Management Operations – get your demo today!

This allows your organization to integrate your response with our emergency management software, ensuring you follow proper regulations.