Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Scoring System (SSS)

One option to the Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST) that BCG offers is the Learning Management System (LMS).  The LMS and our Student Response Unit (SRU) work together as a set of tools to aid the instructor in the evaluation of his or her students as well as a tool to test the breadth of knowledge of the student and his or her abilities with minimal instructor interaction during the scenario.

The Student Scoring System (SSS) offers mostly the same functionality as the LMS, but it is designed to work when MaST is operationg as a 'Slave' simulator (using BCGUDP) to another training system.

Features of the LMS and SSS include:

  1. A briefing text box to give students a read-only script of the scenario and goal(s) they should accomplish
  2. Question and Answer blocks that appear at pre-programmed times or after certain triggered events
  3. Warning Message windows can be programmed to pop-up if triggered. Warning Messages include such events as groundings or a collision
  4. Evaluation Reports detailing total scenario time for each student and that student's answers to the questions.


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