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DLAN Communication Center Rule Engine in Action: Chautauqua County Use Case

DLAN Communication Center Rule Engine in Action: Chautauqua County Use Case Image

BCG’s new DLAN Communication Center Rule Engine is designed to help users more quickly triage important emails and other external information, such as forms. The Engine allows users to setup rules keyed to particular senders or containing particular content. Once created, these rules define how content of that type will be handled when posted to a ticket, including allowing for matching emails to be automatically posted to particular incidents, routings, and ticket types. These capabilities give watch centers, duty officers, and other staff a better way to deal with the deluge of intelligence that is received on a daily basis.

Setting Email Rules
Setting Email Rules

Chautauqua County (NY) Office of Emergency Services was able to immediately put this new function to use for daily COVID-19 safety procedures. As a safety precaution during the COVID-19 pandemic Chautauqua County staff members are required to submit a daily affirmation of good health. These affirmations needed to be tracked and documented in a seamless way.

Chris Wichlacz, Planning Technician and DLAN Administrator for Chautauqua County, discussed the issues he had and how BCG’s support team helped him solve it using DLAN. “I thought it would be easy to have an email from each employee with the affirmation sent to one email address and on the subject line would include the date and the employee’s name. I set up an internal office email address to send these affirmations to and then have them forwarded through Outlook to DLAN.

The problem was that I could not automatically have the emails forwarded to a ticket in an incident in DLAN.” DLAN’s new rule engine solved this problem, allowing for automatic posting. BCG’s support team helped Chautauqua setup the rules they needed. Chris notes, “We tested and made a couple tweaks on my end and it works perfect for my application. I believe that this addition to the system will allow many other applications to import emails as tickets automatically.”

With the new process, affirmations are emailed to the county’s DLAN system on a daily basis using a particular subject line. The rules engine detects this subject line to identify the email as a health affirmation. It then automatically creates a new ticket for tracking purposes. This information can then be easily viewed in a ticket report and historically tracked on a month to month basis. The process is fully automated, saving the County time and money.

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Chautauqua County

Chautauqua County - located in the southwest corner of New York State, Chautauqua County covers 1,065 square miles and has a population of approximately 134,000.

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