DLAN Emergency Management Software - Offering COVID-19 Solutions

Buffalo Computer Graphics is committed to helping keep communities safe, hospitals running smoothly, and businesses open as COVID-19 variants continue to evolve. Our years of experience in disaster and emergency management make us a great partner for providing solutions to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and the challenges it presents. For more information, check out our white paper or request a demo below.


Monitor Vital Services

BCG has a number of tools to help track, distribute, and account for vital services in real time. Services include: contact tracing; quarantine facilities’ capacity levels; hospital bed and facility availability; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) tracking; and mortuary processing and movement between storage locations. BCG’s engineering team can quickly add new services and customizations to meet our clients changing needs.

Monitor Vital Services

Visual Situational Awareness

Visualize Situational Awareness Data

Custom dashboards, reports, and maps allow your staff to take complicated data and visualize it for improved situational awareness and decision-making. Data can be incorporated from multiple outside sources and displayed in one unified view.  All of this functionality is mobile-friendly and available from anywhere on any device, meaning responders don’t need to gather in a centralized location in order to work on a response. This saves time and adheres to social distancing policies.

Manage Public Points of Distribution and Dispensing (PODs)

DLAN’s POD Management tools will allow you to track dynamically changing inventory levels, match supplies to demand, and manage POD warehouses. With DLAN’s mobile toolset, information can be entered from almost any device or location to facilitate data sharing between multiple geographical locations. DLAN’s POD Management tools will improve overall situational awareness as related to POD supplies and activities. They will also ensure supplies get to where they are needed for effective vaccination distribution.


Prepare for Demobilization and After-Action Reporting

Asset and financial tracking will help responders both during the response and during demobilization/after-actions. DLAN provides a way for users to track assets to ensure they get to where they are needed during activation and can be easily returned afterward. Our software also provides the necessary tools to track costs and assist with properly reporting them to FEMA for reimbursement.

All information entered within DLAN is logged and after-action reports can be created with one click. DLAN's reporting tools allow for easy data filtering and can be customized for different audiences.


Try the DLAN Software for Yourself

Interested in the DLAN software and our COVID-19 solutions? Learn more about our software with our informative whitepaper or request a demo to try it for yourself. Additionally, contact us with any questions you may have.