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White Paper: Pandemic Preparedness & Response

White Paper: Pandemic Preparedness & Response Image

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted some of the shortcomings in current emergency management tools and processes. Specifically, it showed the need for modernizing the tools used to gather, process, and report on real-time situational awareness data. The speed at which the situation changed was overwhelming and new data needed to be processed quickly to save lives and keep healthcare systems operational. That is why it was crucial to not just have the best most up-to-date information, but to display it in a way that could be quickly digested and acted upon. In addition to accessing the right data, responders needed to be able to track information for both managing tasks and for after-action-reporting.

COVID-19 Dashboard
COVID-19 Dashboard

BCG recommends the following tools to ensure responders have all the information they need to successfully manage this crisis:

  • Public Points of Distribution and Dispensing (PODs)
  • Bed Tracking
  • Quarantine Facilities Management
  • Mortuary Tracking
  • Common Operational Picture Map
  • Situational Awareness Dashboards
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Asset Tracking
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Tracking
  • Financial Tracking

Recommendations for how these tools should function are described in the full white paper.

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