Mobile Responder

With DLAN’s Mobile Responder App, emergency managers in the field can easily communicate essential information with each other and back to the EOC using their mobile devices. The App is designed for disaster area use and can function regardless of connectivity. The simple form interface makes the app ideal for damage assessment, debris management, and spot reports from field staff. Using the Mobile Responder, users can send data, images, and videos from their mobile devices into DLAN.

Once a form is received by DLAN, it can be reviewed and posted to a ticket or submitted to the Risk & Resiliency Module. Alternatively, mobile forms received by DLAN can be posted to a ticket automatically based on business rules. This gives users the power to then run reports on damages, map locations, and assessment information and share it with interested parties within or outside of the EOC with no need for double data entry or phone calls.

Offline Functionality

The Mobile Responder App allows field staff to work offline with any mobile form on their system. The App stores all report data locally on the device and automatically sends it to DLAN whenever connectivity is reestablished. This “store and forward” capability ensures data integrity and usability under the most adverse conditions.

Mobile Responder iPhoneX
Damage Assessment Form

Personnel Tracking Device

The App can also be used as a tracking device for field staff and other personnel. Since there are no per user fees, the Mobile Responder App can be used to create an unlimited number of tracking devices at no additional cost.

DLAN’s GIS Premium can be used to display a user’s current location and historical breadcrumb trail. This provides a simple, accurate, and cost effective way to track personnel and see historical routes for vehicles, damage assessments, grid searches, and more.

Assigned Task Mode

DLAN simplifies the user experience by focusing their attention on only the tools they need to do their job. The Assigned Task Mode in the Mobile App helps get field workers started on their daily duties quickly. The App can now automatically sync and download all the tickets assigned to a field worker (routed their role) when they first log into the app. This includes all information the field worker needs to do his or her job, including forms, basic ticket data, and contact information for the person who assigned them the task as well as contacts for the job location and anyone else assigned to assist on the task. Additional tasks can be pushed to a field worker in real time and completed ones will synchronize to DLAN when published. If the field worker enters an area with no cellular or wireless connectivity they will still have all their assigned task data to work with offline. When the worker returns to an area with connectivity, the App automatically publishes their completed assignments to DLAN.

The App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play store; authorized DLAN credentials are necessary to use the App.

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