Access All your Video Feeds in One Collaborative Dashboard

DLAN’s innovative streaming video module allows you to access any IP-based video feed, including streaming and snapshot cameras, for improved situational awareness.

DLAN Streaming Video

Video streams can be chosen from a number of outside sources including traffic cameras, security cameras, and weather cameras. All streams are live for real-time situational awareness.

In addition to being able to pull from ad hoc streaming cameras, BCG directly integrates with Skyline’s unique HTML5 compliant live video streaming solutions. With Skyline, DLAN users can easily convert existing single user video streams into multiuser streams that can be shared with multiple parties.

Video streams can be displayed in custom dashboards, switched out using easy drop-down menus, and popped out into their own full screen views.

Users with DLAN’s GIS Premium can also access streaming video feeds directly from the map.

Video Streaming is one component of BCG’s web-based, mobile-friendly emergency management software, DisasterLAN (DLAN). DLAN includes a full range of tools for shared situational awareness, workflow-based information management, and secure communications. This includes our Status Board, Ticket Manager, and Mobile Responder modules.