GIS Premium

GIS Premium adds advanced mapping functionality to DLAN, allowing users to fuse together geospatial information from virtually any external or internal source onto one common display. It is included in our Transportation Pack and can also be added to any system as an optional module. There are three main benefits of DLAN’s GIS system over similar products: interoperability, ease of use, and full integration with other DLAN modules.

GIS Premium Ticket
View Ticket on GIS Premium


GIS Premium supports the display of data from most common GIS formats out-of-the-box and unlike other solutions that require costly per-user accounts to a third-party GIS platform, DLAN’s GIS Premium is accessible to all your DLAN users with no hidden fees. For example, the ArcGIS Sync tool allows users to take any Ticket Manager or Watch Command report and instantly convert it to a feature layer service on ArcGIS online. This means that updates to shelter tracking, damages, donations, resources, road closures, and other work items can be instantly shared to ArcGIS online as layers in Public Dashboards, and can be used in third party COP viewers, and other types of systems. For a full list of data sources, please see interoperability and integration.

Ease of Use

With DLAN’s GIS Premium, anyone can reap the benefits that GIS mapping technology can offer. From an administrator’s stand-point, DLAN’s configuration tools make managing and adding new data sources or basemaps quick and easy without needing any GIS expertise. Data can be organized into categories that appear on a touch screen-friendly ribbon, making locating and toggling information on and off a snap, and data layers can be lock downed to select users.

User-friendly tools allow users to interact with underlying data. For example, tools for identifying data and creating buffers based upon point features, polygons, or ALOHA plume models allow users to drill down and see information that is pertinent to the event at hand. Data can then be used to make decisions, and if desired, exported for use in other applications. DLAN GIS Premium ensures that you are always viewing the latest information.

GIS Premium Weather Radar
Weather Radar on GIS Premium

Integrated Solution

In addition to incorporating key external data, GIS Premium also displays data from other DLAN modules. For example, resource requests entered into the Ticket Manager appear on the map, as well as other reports and requests. Likewise, users can view video from traffic cameras entered into Streaming Video. All information within GIS Premium can be shared with other users, exported, and printed.