Simplify Wildfire Field Response with DLAN’s Mobile Responder App

Mobile Responder - Wildfire Form

DLAN’s Mobile Responder App digitizes and simplifies almost all field response activities, making it easier for you to focus on the active wildfire, and the work that needs to be done. It does this through easy to use forms, offline capabilities, and tracking features.

In DLAN, web-based forms can be created and customized to collect any type of information usually collected using paper forms allowing you to keep all information in one place. BCG also has a number of pre-built forms for wildfire management that can be used as is or further customized for a specific agency. These forms can include text, images, videos, and geo-tagged information depending on your agency's needs. DLAN forms can also be assigned to specific users or groups and are available directly from their mobile devices, helping you maintain efficiency when you need it most.. Once the form information is collected, it can be sent back into the main DLAN system and used in tickets, dashboards, or maps further streamlining the process.

Benefits of the Mobile Responder App

One of the major benefits of the App is that it allows for information to be entered and stored while disconnected and will send the data when a connection is re-established. This means field workers can go into remote locations or disaster areas, collect information, and share it once they return to their basecamp or other connected area. This allows staff to keep working with system forms regardless of location, decreases duplicate data entry, and speeds up information sharing.

Another benefit is the ability to use the App as a tracking device. When connected with DLAN’s GIS Premium, the App can be used to display a user’s current location and historical breadcrumb trail. This provides a simple, accurate, and cost-effective way to track personnel and see historical routes for vehicles, damage assessments, grid searches, and more.

From geo-coding critical locations before a wildfire to coordinating re-planting after a wildfire, DLAN’s Mobile Responder App includes all the tools needed for all phases of emergency management.

DLAN's Mobile Responder App is designed to help your agency during every stage of wildfire response, from preparing for emergencies to recovery once the wildfire is over and mitigating future risks. Learn more about how our app can help you through these stages.

Mobile Responder Image CapturePreparedness

There are two parts to preparedness, the work done in the field to identify and assess at-risks areas and the planning work done to create essential processes and protocols. The Mobile App helps with both.

In DLAN, forms can be customized to collect information necessary for situational awareness in at-risk areas and other pre-planning activities. For example, forms can collect information on communities at risk, critical infrastructure, vegetation levels, and field weather observations.

Forms can also be created in advance in line with an agency’s wildfire emergency response plan. These forms can then be pre-assigned so they become immediately available to the appropriate staff during an activation. This gets staff working quickly and ensures the appropriate procedures are followed.



The benefits of the software are fully realized during the response period. Mobile forms can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as coordinating and reporting on fire suppression activities, evacuations, power and gas outages, road closures, and other response activities. Field staff and vehicles can be tracked in real-time when connected and historical information can be reported once connectivity is re-established. Phone cameras can be used to record fire-lines and other imagery.

All this information is shared with the DLAN system and can be used for situational awareness and decision-making.


During the recovery phase, the app can be used to perform damage assessments, inspections of key infrastructure, safely restore power and other utilities, and general cleanup activities helping you to maintain organization and efficiency. Additionally, all of the response data collected can be used in after-action reports and for FEMA reimbursement claims.


Mitigation is important to both prevent future wildfires and to protect against secondary hazards, such as floods, erosion, and mudflows, that result from wildfires. DLAN's mitigation tools include support for identifying the need for geo-coding locations of and reporting on prescribed burns, thinning, and re-planting to help restore the ecosystem after a wildfire. This will help you make the most informed choices available, using your easily accessible data.

More About DLAN Software

DLAN is an all-hazards multi-functional solution that can improve all phases of emergency management. The Mobile Responder App is one of the many tools within DLAN, other features include GIS mapping, task management, and asset tracking. Request a free demo to see all the ways DLAN can improve and simplify your daily and emergency operations.