News Articles

New Radar Database Tool

BCG has developed a new software tool which allows us to create radar databases using C-MAP data.

BCG Releases New Telex and Inmarsat Emulations

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is pleased to announce the upgrade of our Virtual Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (VGMDSS) software with new Inmarsat-C (IMC) and Radio Telex terminal simulation.

DisasterLAN 10.5 focuses on Visualizing Assets

The Asset Management system in DLAN 10.5 includes new reporting tools, new mapping tools, and new Status Board Asset Module Subscriptions. Phonebook has been enhanced to allow for any Phonebook module customer to utilize the new Assessment Module tools to track assessments at their facilities; Ticket Manager's user interface has been cleaned up, making it quicker to work with attachments, forms, contacts, and dates; and automated notifications from Communication Center can now utilize text message based notifications in addition to the email based notification that were previously available.   These enhancements, along with a number of security and performance improvements, make DLAN 10.5 the best tool on the market for managing logistics during your emergency.

City of Kingston Switches to DLAN

The City of Kingston in Ontario, Canada, has joined the growing number of Canadian cities to choose Buffalo Computer Graphics' (BCG) DisasterLAN (DLAN) to meet their incident management needs.

DisasterLAN How-To Series #4

In this installment of the How-To Series, we guide users through the process of enabling, configuring, and using Ticket Synchronization features.

BCG Delivers Additional Radar/ARPA Stations to CPM

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. has delivered additional simulators to one of our longtime customers. Columbia Pacific Maritime School (CPM), in Portland OR, has ordered two additional radar/ARPA stations consisting of our brand new PC21X7 emulation.

BCG Hosts Emergency Operations Center Exercise in Rockland County, NY

Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG) recently took part in administering a training session and Emergency Operations Center exercise for Rockland County, New York utilizing our DLAN software. The exercise simulated a hazardous winter storm with realistic situational information updated throughout the day. We created pre-staged developments that were used to specifically test the communication and GIS functional areas of the EOC, resulting in an improvement in overall situational awareness in the County.