News Articles

New PC22x8 Radar Emulator

We are pleased to announce the addition of another radar emulation product to our family of Radar Simulators.  BCG has completed the emulation of the FurunoTM FAR22X8 radar – we are calling PC22x8.  

White Paper: Tools to Help Manage COVID-19

As this crisis continues to evolve, responders need the right tools to share real-time information,
visualize data, and track everything.

BCG & FutureShield Provide Rapid Implementation to Assist the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Prepare and Respond to COVID-19

We are happy to welcome RMWB and all of our new clients to the DLAN Community!

DLAN COVID-19 Monitoring

Improve your COVID-19 Readiness and Response with DLAN

DLAN Adds Multi-Factor Authentication

DLAN now includes improved security with multi-factor authentication.

Improved Radar Modeling Software

BCG is releasing new versions of our radar simulation and radar emulation software that offer advances geared to improving training functionality and enhancing realism. The new radar software provides better modeling of S Band and X Band antennas, it improves on the filtering capabilities within BCG’s radar emulators, and it increases the number of radar targets available across all radar simulation products. This updated software will be included with all new deliveries, and available to customers covered under a warranty or maintenance agreement. 

Enhanced Radar Features

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is planning the release of new versions of our radar simulation and radar emulation software that offers improvements geared to increasing functionality and enhancing realism. This updated software will be included with all new deliveries, and available to customers covered under a warranty or maintenance agreement, starting January 1.

Case Study: Toronto Hydro Simplifies Emergency Response with DLAN

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited  (THESL) recently implemented Buffalo Computer Graphics’ DLAN software to help improve overall situational awareness during incidents. Using DLAN’s core configuration tools, THESL was able to tailor their system to meet their specific needs and workflows. By choosing a dashboard-driven approach over the typical menu-driven navigation, THESL created a very simplified environment for users to view information pertinent to their specific role and complete tasks without the need for formal training.

New Support for NMEA2000

BCG now has the capability to output NMEA2000 (IEC 61162-1) PGNs as part of our simulator product line. This add-on software module operates with BCG’s Maritime Simulation Tool (MaST) to generate a wide range of ship sensor data utilizing the NMEA2000 data format and interface standard.

BCG Receives $1.25 Million Contract to Navy Bridge Part Task Trainer (BPTT) Program

BCG has been awarded a subcontract with a value of $1.25 million from Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (Huntsville, AL) an Employee Owned Company, to support the U.S. Navy’s Bridge Part Task Trainer Program. 

BCG partners with CenturyLink to Provide Scalable Secure Cloud Services

DLAN team utilizes CenturyLink's scalable cloud services to provide 24/7 accessibility to mission-critical information. 

Case Study: DLAN Helps Ventura County Office of Emergency Services Simplify Public Notifications

Ventura County Office of Emergency Services (OES) simplifies public notifications using DisasterLAN (DLAN), which allows them to automatically push incident information to a public facing incident map saving time and ensuring the public is always viewing the most up-to-date information.

Buffalo Computer Graphics makes the 2019 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG) is proud to be a part of the Inc. Magazine’s 2019 list of America’s Fasting-Growing Private Companies.

Case Study: Rochester, Minnesota Improves Flood Preparedness with DLAN

Rochester Minnesota’s commitment to preparedness paid off as they were able to easily visualize all likely scenarios and prepare accordingly. With proper planning and the right system, Rochester Minnesota was able to efficiently respond to a rapidly changing situation and keep their community safe.

BCG Announces Powerful New DLAN Features

BCG is committed to continually updating and enhancing the DLAN system. Over the past few months, BCG has added several powerful tools to the system. This includes enhancements to task management, mapping, workflows, and personnel tracking. Combined these tools work to create a robust, unified tool for emergency preparedness, response, and overall situational awareness. 

Penn State expands use of DLAN to include football and large campus events

Penn State University Emergency Operations Center (EOC) recently expanded its use of DLAN to include all home football games and other large on campus events. DLAN keeps all stakeholders informed and includes all the tools necessary to move from event monitoring to emergency activation.

Colgate University Successfully Utilizes New DLAN Features During Inter-Agency Exercise

Colgate University used their full scale inter-agency emergency management exercise as an opportunity to test some of the newest DLAN Features. Specifically, they utilized the Mobile Responder App and GIS Premium to improve field coordination and situational awareness.

Incident Management Software Interoperability Challenges and Solutions: White Paper

Interoperability is the key to large scale multi-jurisdictional responses. This paper will review some of the challenges BCG customers have faced with both external and internal interoperability challenges and how DLAN was able to meet these challenges. Specifically the paper will go over system to system, mapping, mass communication, and authentication or security challenges.

Ventura County Office of Emergency Services switches to DLAN Incident Management Software

After a decade of using our competitors software, Ventura County Office of Emergency Services (OES) is the latest organization to switch to DisasterLAN (DLAN) for their emergency management needs.

Case Study: Bruce Power Improves Control Room Operations with DLAN

BCG and FutureShield recently worked with Bruce Power to improve their Control Room Operations using DLAN.